Riveting and Welding Processing

There are 25 certified welders who specialize in welding seams for Class AB containers. Our radiographic testing (RT) has a 100% pass rate, ensuring uniform and visually appealing results.

Metal Surface Treatment

Our services include phosphating, sandblasting, paint spraying, electrostatic powder coating, electrolytic polishing, pickling and passivating, and shot peening.

Surface Roughness ≤0.15μm for Stainless Steel Material

Surface treatment for stainless steel products with a roughness of ≤0.15μm.

Who we are

We are an industry leading supplier of metal riveting,welding and surface treatment.

For more than 20 years, we have always provided customers with the best solutions that meet the requirements of metal riveting,welding and surface treatment also satisfy customers.

Years of Experience
More than 10,000 customer cases, high quality, and cost-effectiveness.

Real service cases, long-term natural cooperation, genuine customer reviews.

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23 years of world-class product manufacturing experience
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Why Choose us

Real Expert in Metal SurfaceTreatments , Riveting and Welding.

We have been focusing on metal surface treatment, riveting and welding for more than 20 years. Drawing on our extensive surface treatment, riveting and welding expertise, we undertake to provide you with advice and deliver solutions that not only meet your specifications but also include any related requirements you may have (logistics, quality, environment, packaging, etc.)

OEM contract manufacturing

With our own land and self-built factory spanning over 12,000 square meters, we have production lines for cutting, machining, riveting, spraying, painting, phosphating, acid pickling-passivation, mechanical polishing, electrolytic polishing, equipment assembly, and more. You only need to provide a blueprint, then Dajiang Industrial can complete the entire process in one stop, saving you time, effort, and money.

23 years of top-notch product manufacturing experience

With 23 years of experience in manufacturing top-notch products and advanced management expertise, Dajiang Industrial has provided supporting services to numerous world-class companies. Due to the excellent product quality, all products are granted exemption from inspection before delivery.

Complete qualifications

We hold a Class D qualification certificate for the manufacturing of stationary pressure vessels and a Class 2 qualification certificate for building electromechanical installation/environmental protection projects.

Excellent quality

We have obtained ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, ISO27001, and ISO3834 system certifications

Worry-free after-sales service

All production processes strictly follow standard specifications, ensuring excellent product quality and worry-free after-sales service.


Welcome to choose us also hoped establish long term relationship.

We have excellent surface treatment processes, riveting and welding techniques, and over 20 years of manufacturing experience in world-class products, providing services to multiple internationally renowned brands.

When you need a professional partner, we are here for you.

Real expert in metal surface rreatments, riveting and welding.

Paint spraying

With 23 years of experience in various types of spray treatments and a professional technical team.

The coatings have excellent temperature resistance up to 800℃, acid and alkali resistance.Salt spray test exceeds 1,440 hours, providing a corrosion protection lifespan of 25 years in C5 level environments.

Electrostatic Powder Coating

Coating engineers recommend suitable coating solutions based on your needs.

2.Electrostatic Powder Coating

Salt spray test exceeds 1,440 hours, providing a corrosion protection lifespan of 25 years in C5 level environments.Customizable surface finishes including matte, semi-gloss, and high gloss.


Uniform and consistent rough surfaces improve the adhesion of subsequent coatings.


The surface roughness of the product can be selected within Ra10-80μm,and uniform and consistent rough surfaces improve the adhesion of subsequent coatings.

Electrolytic Polishing

Electrolytic polishing rapidly oxidizes the glass surface, forming a chromium-rich solid transparent film on the surface, enhancing the product's brightness.

4.Electrolytic Polishing(1)

Electrolytic polishing improves the surface’s corrosion resistance, with salt spray tests reaching up to 400 hours.

Argon Arc Welding

Wide welding range, suitable for welding almost all types of metal materials, especially suitable for welding chemically active metals and alloys.

High weld seam quality and low welding deformation stress.

Plasma Automatic Welding

High welding arc stiffness, strong penetration capability using the principle of small hole effect welding.

6.Plasma Automatic Welding(1)

Plasma arc welding is a fusion welding method that uses a high-energy density beam of plasma arc as the heat source.

Let’s start your project to be realize.

Beijing Dajiang Industrial technicians and skilled workers guarantee the process quality and a prompt assistance in case of needs.

How to Achieve Cooperation

When you need a professional partner, we are here for you.


Customers submit inquiries via email or other written forms.


We evaluate the provided drawings or specific processing requirements and provide a quotation if it can be met.

Quotation Review

Customers review the supplier’s quotation and confirm it.

Contract Signing

After confirming the quotation, the contract is drafted, and both parties sign the contract or place an order in the form of a purchase order.

Contract Execution

Both parties fulfill contractual obligations and responsibilities according to the agreed terms (such as payment, manufacturing, acceptance, delivery, etc.).

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